So you want to Get Referrals, huh?

Ah, getting referrals. It is every GPT user’s dream to make thousands of dollars off of referrals.

Can you imagine sitting back and making money while the thousands of people you had referred make the money for you?

What a way to live!

Of course, there’s one problem: 99% of GPT users have no clue how to get started.

On this page I will show you how you can get started with earning referrals. I have used all the techniques below and I have made close to 5000 referrals throughout all my websites.

The BEST Way to Earn: Creating your own Website

get your own site todayThe best way to get referrals is by owning your own website or blog. When you have your own site, you control how successful you are.

You know those people who are getting thousands and thousands of referrals?

I can guarantee that the majority of them get referrals from a site that they own.

Website Creation & Topic Brainstorming

GET STARTED TODAY! – Creating your First Referral Site
Get started on your path to thousands and thousands of referrals! I show you how you can get your website started today.

What should my Referral Website be About?
Having problems figuring out the kinds of sites that could be getting you referrals? In this article I discuss the best and worst types of referral sites, and the one ultimate website type that is getting me 4-10 referrals a day!

How to Find GREAT, LOW-Competition Website Topics
Don’t start off wrong with a website that has too much competition! I show you how you can find good website topics (niches) that can get you a lot of referrals.

Blog vs. Static Website – What’s better for Getting Referrals?
Deciding between a blog structure of a static site structure for your website can make a HUGE difference in how much referrals you can earn. Learn the difference here.

Getting Traffic to your Referral Site

How to Optimize your Website for Google, Bing, and Yahoo
I’ll show you how you can get organic traffic from search engines.

Free Hosting & Free Domains

How to Do Basic SEO for Blogger
Learn how you can do basic SEO for Blogger/Blogspot.

how to use youtube to get referrals

Using Youtube to get Referrals

While there are many ways to get referrals, like making your own landing page and writing on free article websites, one of the best ways to get referrals is through Youtube.

And yes, I know not everyone is comfortable behind camera, but I have been making money from referrals since the beginning of 2013 without using my voice or showing my face.

I created an awesome eBook about getting referrals that you can download so you can start getting referrals and earning money today.

Below are my stats from Points2Shop – proof that my technique works!

So if you are interested in this eBook, all you have to do is a quick survey (or offer, depending on what’s on your screen) and you will get the download link at the end of the process.

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