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Here you will learn how you can get paid hundreds of dollars by taking online surveys. Survey-taking has been one of the easiest ways to earn a part-time income for online users. With just a half-an-hour to an hour of time each night, you can be making anywhere from an extra $100 to $1000 per month or more, especially if you get your friends to sign up under you.

Just from surveys and referrals, I am making about $244.50 a month online, and I hardly spend more than 30 minutes every night taking surveys!

Below are some easy steps that you can take to get started today:

Step 1: Sign up for Several Survey Panels


The first step to start earning is to sign up for various survey panels. You will want to sign up for more than one panel so that you can get as much survey as possible. The more surveys you get, the more money-making opportunities you will receive.

IMPORTANT: Because the survey invitations can be a little overwhelming, I highly recommend that you create a separate email just for the purposes of taking surveys. You do not want to sign up for survey panels with your personal email. You can easily get upwards of a 100 survey invitations a day, and you don’t want important emails to be buried!

I recommend signing up for at least 3 panels, but no more than 6. Below are some great beginner-friendly panels that I have been successful with:

Opinion Outpost is a great survey website with the highest success rates I’ve seen. The surveys range anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, and the compensation is also pretty high ($0.50 to $4.50 per survey usually). Depending on your demographics, you may also get several survey invitations a day, and you can complete up to five surveys via the “Take a Survey!” button on the main site.

You will need a Paypal account to earn cash from Opinion Outpost. The payment threshold is 1000 points, or $10.00. There are other prizes available, like a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card code, if you choose to not redeem for cash.

You can sign up for Opinion Outpost by clicking here.


Survey Savvy has some of the highest-paying surveys out there. Payments can range from $0.50 to upwards of $10.00. It’s not uncommon to get a $15.00 survey invite. Surveys also do not take more than an hour to do; the lower the pay, the quicker the survey.

Unfortunately, depending on your demographics you may not get a Survey Savvy survey invite too often, maybe once or twice a week, but the approval rate is generally very high so it’s well worth doing them.

The payment threshold is $1.00, and Survey Savvy works for all survey-takers worldwide (you do not need to be in the USA to join Survey Savvy). You will receive your payments via a mailed check.

You can sign up for Survey Savvy by clicking here.


If you’re not interested in cash but would like to get a lot of free items, or if you like to mix it up a bit and earn from more than just surveys, Points2Shop is definitely the website for you. You can earn anything from gift cards, to computers and laptops, to apparel and more.

You can earn points and exchange these points for items. You can do things like watch videos, listen to soundtracks and music, do simple tasks like searching on Google, completing offers, and doing surveys.

Points2Shop also works worldwide, and you need to be at least 13 years or older to join.

You can sign up for Points2Shop by clicking here.

Other Great Survey Sites

Below are some other great survey sites that you can join.

Inbox Dollars
Cash Crate
Prize Rebel
Instant Cash Sweepstakes
Ipsos I-Say
Global Test Market
User Testing

Can’t decide on what sites to join?

If you’re having a hard time choosing, then I highly recommend that you join Opinion Outpost, Survey Savvy, and Points2shop. Start your day by scanning your inbox for Survey Savvy emails, then do your Opinion Outpost surveys. Once you reach the limit for Opinion Outpost, then continue earning on Points2Shop.

Don’t forget to sign up for Email Invites!


Once you join the sites that you want, go to your user settings and make sure you sign up for email invites. In most cases, the survey invites that you get through your email will have the highest approval rates, so you want to make sure that you enable this option so you can earn the most amount of money.

And just as a reminder: don’t forget to sign up with a new survey email. Do NOT use your personal email unless you can handle the flood of survey email invites.

Step 2: Fill out your Profile and Start Completing Surveys

step2Most sites will require you to fill out your information in the form of profiles. This will include basic things like your yearly income, your address, what ethnic group you are in, your age, etc.

Don’t worry - the survey companies aren’t going to come to your house and try to sell you something. Nor are they going to try to open up a bank account under your name.

They need this information so that they can send you relevant surveys. When a company creates a survey to be completed, they set requirements so that only individuals of a certain set of demographics can complete the survey. That way the information that they get can be helpful for their research.

For example, I recently received a $7.00 survey from a company doing research about the popular game Candy Crush Saga. Since I filled out my information as a 20 year old that plays Facebook computer games on a regular basis,  this survey invite fitted me. On the other hand, this type of survey would not be sent to a person who doesn’t have a Facebook account and has never played Candy Crush Saga.

I don’t recommend lying on your profiles, either. For more information on that, visit: Survey Fraud – What is it, and is it Worth it?

Tips for Completing Surveys

Once you are done with your profiles, you can start completing surveys. Initially you won’t receive any emails in your inbox because the system needs to process your personal information. Once that’s done, you will be receiving several survey emails on a daily basis.

In the mean time, try to look for a “Take a Survey” button or anything similar on the site.

The Preliminary Survey Questions

For most survey sites, you will be given preliminary questions. These are a set of seemingly random questions that do not relate to each other. They look something like this:


These questions are not part of the actual survey that you get paid for. These are questions given to you so that the survey panel can match surveys to you according to the information that you provide on these preliminary questions.

Fill out these questions thoughtfully and truthfully. Don’t lie on them or else you will be given a survey that is irrelevant to you, and you don’t want the survey panel banning your account for fraud!

Also, don’t worry if you find yourself saying “No” or “None of the Above” for these questions. In most cases you will end up receiving a survey question anyway.

Once you complete the questions, you are then given a match:


In most cases, you will be told how much you will be paid for the survey, and the approximate length of time it will take to complete the survey. In the above photo example, I will be paid $1.50 for about 20 minutes of time from Opinion Outpost.

As a general rule, you will want to do surveys that pay AT A BARE MINIMUM $0.05 per minute, or $3.00 an hour. Anything less than that, you should just skip the survey. You can figure this out by dividing the amount of compensation by the amount of minutes. So in this example, 15 divided by 20 is 0.75. I will be working at $0.075 a minute.

Complete the survey, and get your compensation. Then rinse and repeat for more and more earnings!

And don’t worry if you are not qualified for a survey. Getting disqualified is very common, especially for surveys taken through the site’s “Take a Survey!” button. Getting disqualified simply means the survey doesn’t quite match you. Just keep on going with taking surveys and you’ll find one that pays you.

Step 3: Get Paid, and share it with your friends!

step3After you reach the payment threshold for your survey panel (different for every site), then it’s time to get paid!

In most cases, you’ll be paid through some kind of payment processor, usually Paypal. However, other sites like Survey Savvy pay ONLY through a mailed cash check, so make sure you check your survey panel for specific withdrawal information.

Once you get paid, share your success with your friends and invite them into your program via your referral link. Some programs even pay you every time your referral does a survey!

To learn more about getting referrals, check out my Getting Referrals page.

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Have any Questions?

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Good luck!

My name is Jay Samson and I am the Owner of Survey Cash Guide and an online entrepreneur. Since 2011, I have been making a part-time income online by taking surveys, writing articles, and more, and I'm here to share my knowledge with the world!

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